My 105-minute run on January 1st was a bit lack-lustre, to put it mildly. That could have something to do with too much alcohol on New Year’s Eve and less than five hours sleep. Ben (my coach) had told me to listen to my body, but mine was saying “stay in bed and forget the run”, so I thought I’d better ignore it. I must have looked far from my bed after 1 and a half hours sleep as, for the first time ever, as stranger asked me if I was all right and sure that I could make it home. As he was sitting on a park bench, surrounded by emtpy beer cans (before noon) and slurring his words however, I thought I must be in better shape than him and managed a 50-metre sprint to prove it.

I had been thinking that the Threshold runs were becoming slightly less hard, so that at the end I was just knackered rather than totally f—-d as previously. Then Ben increased the Threshold efforts from 4 minutes each to 7 minutes and I was back in f-mode.

I can’t wait to receive next month’s programme.